The Clear Choice for Care

If you're interested in a more discreet option to straighten your teeth, Damon Clear braces could be the perfect solution. Using self-ligating brackets made from translucent ceramic material, these braces seamlessly blend in with your teeth while providing effective teeth straightening results.

Invisible Alignment, Unbeatable Style

At Hom Orthodontics, we know that a beautiful smile is important to you. Damon Clear braces offer a cutting-edge approach to teeth straightening with their nearly-invisible appearance.

The self-ligating design of these braces makes the adjustment process easier, reducing the number of visits required at our Manhattan Beach office. Experience the benefits of Damon Clear braces that combine discretion and style for your orthodontic journey.

Translucent Ceramic Brackets

The self-ligating brackets of Damon Clear braces are crafted from a translucent ceramic material, ensuring they seamlessly blend with your natural tooth color.

Say goodbye to conspicuous metal brackets and hello to a more discreet and sophisticated teeth straightening experience.

Accelerated Treatment

While the treatment duration for Damon Clear braces is similar to traditional braces, the self-ligating design speeds things up. With fewer visits to our Manhattan Beach office, you can enjoy a more convenient and time-efficient treatment process.

Ideal for Adults and Older Teens

Dr. Hom recommends Damon Clear braces for adults and older teens who’re interested in an aesthetic option. Since they require a bit more care and consideration than metal braces, we generally don’t recommend them for younger children.

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Advantages of Damon Clear Braces

Damon Clear braces offer all kinds of advantages for patients who want a discreet orthodontic treatment. Discover the benefits of choosing Damon Clear braces for your teeth straightening needs:

Natural Appearance

With their translucent ceramic brackets, Damon Clear braces seamlessly blend with your teeth, making them virtually unnoticeable. Enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile during your orthodontic treatment.

Comfortable & Smooth

Damon Clear braces prioritize your comfort. The smooth edges of the ceramic brackets reduce irritation to your lips and cheeks, ensuring a pleasant orthodontic experience.

Self-Ligating Convenience

The self-ligating design of Damon Clear braces makes adjustments more convenient and efficient. Spend less time in the orthodontic chair and more time enjoying your life.

Resistant to Staining

Worried about braces staining your teeth? The ceramic material is highly resistant to staining, helping your braces maintain their inconspicuous appearance throughout your treatment journey.

Customized for Your Smile

Dr. Hom and our team will customize your Damon Clear braces to fit your unique tooth and jaw structure, ensuring perfect results tailored to you and what makes your smile special.

Damon Clear Vs. Metal Braces

Both Damon Clear braces and traditional metal braces are effective teeth straightening options, but there are some key differences to consider:


Damon Clear braces are designed to be discreet, blending in with your natural teeth color, while metal braces are more noticeable due to their metallic appearance.


It's important to note that while Damon Clear braces are strong, the ceramic brackets are a bit more fragile than metal braces. Patients should be mindful of their care to ensure long-lasting results.

Start Your Journey to a Beautiful Smile

If you're ready for a stunning smile but don’t want to draw attention to your treatment, Damon Clear braces could be the perfect choice for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hom to find out if Damon Clear braces are the perfect choice for you.

Consultations are always free, so take the first step towards your dream smile by calling us at 424-622-4508 or filling out our online form today. We can’t wait to get started.