Mike M.

May 20, 2019

t can be difficult to be an informed consumer when it comes to orthodontia. However, when three dentists (one in Santa Monica and two in the South Bay) and one endodontist said Dr. Hom would be their “first choice” for our son’s orthodontist, the choice was easy. We are delighted with the decision.

Dr. Hom’s office does not overbook. We never languished in the waiting room. More importantly, Dr. Hom always had enough time to give my son’s case the time it deserved.

Dr. Hom’s work is always “neat.” Our dentist says she’s had to send some patients back to their orthodontists because messy cement work was interfering with tooth health. She’s never had that problem with Dr. Hom’s patients.

Finally, the results were glorious. My son started with a massive overbite and buck teeth. He now has a beautiful smile. His confidence is improved and we’ve set him up for better dental health as an adult. What more could you want?

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