Feb 22, 2019

I was referred to Dr. Hom by my kid’s dentist, who recommended him highly above other orthodontists. I have had two children get braces through Dr. Hom’s office and have been extremely pleased with the results and the 2+ year process to get them straightened. His staff is very personable and professional and they keep you on a regular visit schedule, and remind you of them. Because they liked the people, my kids did not ever argue about going there, which was a big plus in my book. The vast majority of the time, my kids were seen immediately and Dr. Hom explained clearly to both myself and my child what was going on and what they needed to do, both visually and verbally. Occasionally, he was short with his explanation, but slowed down and was responsive when questioned and provided more detail. Further, I found the prices fair and appreciated that they allowed us to pay for them over time without interest. I know other parents who have used him and have been equally satisfied. You will be very happy if you choose Dr. Hom!

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