Iris C.

May 20, 2019

Dr. Hom is a true professional who produces high quality work. He does braces for children when their baby teeth are gone (most of the case) and always goes extra miles for his patients. He has great supporting staff and pleasant office environment. His work worth every penny!

All my three children are under Dr. Hom’s care. First child finished her adjustment in high school and is in college second year now. Her dentist said Dr. Hom did an excellent job and it’s totally a textbook case. People can’t compliment enough how pretty her teeth look. Dr. Hom still sees her once a year.

My second child is a sophomore in high school and only has minor adjustment, almost done, looks beautiful!

My third child has the most teeth problems: cavities, over and under and cross bites, and over-sized teeth for her small mouth. Dr. Hom fixed her overbite that was hurting her gum when she was 8 years old. That’s when I realized Dr. Hom has excellent skills to make the teeth and jar go certain way. Dr. Hom has been monitoring her growth (and fall) of teeth since then. He wants to make sure she doesn’t develop “masculine jar”. You see Dr. Hom has a great sense of beauty. Now she is 12 years old with all the permanent teeth in place. She can’t wait to get her real braces.

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