Dan T.

May 20, 2019

If only we had met Dr Hom sooner. We took our daughter to another orthodontist in the region and began the process of adjusting her teeth. Over time we began to doubt the service he was providing because of certain additional things he wanted to do, which we later found out were completely unnecessary. We discovered Dr Hom and shifted to his office in the middle of the overall process, and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience and the results. After our initial meeting with him, we knew for certain that he was the one we should have connected with from the beginning. Dr Hom had to correct a bad decision that the previous orthodontist made, and he fixed the condition properly. If you spend 20 minutes with him and have him explain what is, and isn’t, necessary, you will come to the same conclusion. His manner is relaxed, yet confident and reassuring. Our daughter has just completed the process and we are delighted with the results. Our son may need the same treatment in the future, and there is no doubt who we will trust to do the work competently, and with excellent results.

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